⚙️ Stream Manager

An OBS custom dock that helps configure and publish nostr kind 30311 events.

Try it

Go to Tools -> Websocket Server Settings.

Check the box labeled 'Enable Websocket server.'

How it works

Going live on nostr requires publishing a kind 30311 'Live Event' event that contains a link to your streaming url.

You can additionally provide things like your thumbnail, stream title, description, and relays.

You also need to include a status in the note that says if your stream is planned, started, or ended. The status will indicate to clients that your stream is live and browseable.

The Stream Manager dock helps you configure all of your settings. It will also publish the kind 30311 note to your configured relays when you click 'Start Streaming' and 'Stop Streaming' in OBS.

The tool will also automatically publish the event every hour as per the NIP. Any changes to your event configuration will be automatically published while you are live.

Settings from the Stream Manager will be sourced for all other Streambrah apps.